Appeals Information

Traffic & Parking Ticket Appeals Process

South Texas College Traffic & Parking Rules and Regulations can be found at

Other than for Fire Lane and Handicap parking infractions, a first violation will result in a warning. For a second violation, a citation will be issued in the amount $30.00. Additional violations will result in increased fines, culminating with an immobilizer being placed on the vehicle, until the assessed fines are paid.

STC provides the following levels of appeal for individuals who feel unjustly cited for traffic or parking violations or if it is believed that a citation was issued in error. All appeals must first be submitted to the Traffic and Parking Ticket Appeals Committee.

  1. Traffic and Parking Citation Appeals Committee: Appeals may be filed with the Traffic and Parking Ticket Appeals Committee via any internet enabled computer or kiosk within 15 calendar days of the violation. To file an appeal, login to JagNet at https://jagnet.southtexascollege.eduand select the Security tab, then the Appeals tab. If you do not have access to JagNet you may file an appeal at the STC Department of Public Safety, located at the Pecan Plaza, 2509 W. Pecan Blvd, McAllen Texas.
  1. STC Traffic and Parking Awareness Examination: Upon a request to the Department of Public Safety, an individual receiving a first $30.00 citation may take an Awareness Examination in lieu of paying the fine. In addition, an individual with more than one citation may request to take the Awareness Examination to obtain a 50% reduction of the fines owed. Awareness Examinations must be passed with a score of 70% and may not be requested more than once a calendar year. A form requesting the STC Traffic and Parking Awareness Examination may be obtained at the Department of Public Safety located at the Pecan Plaza, 2509 W. Pecan Blvd.

For more information, please call 956-872-2589.