Parking – Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to obtain a permit to park on any of the STC Campuses?

All faculty, staff, and students parking vehicles on STC property are required to have a parking permit permanently affixed to their vehicle or motorcycle.

What do I need to obtain a permit?

You need a College ID and physical address, along with payment of the parking permit fee.

What if I use a different car to come to campus?

Each vehicle or motorcycle requires a separate parking permit.  Temporary parking permits are available for a short duration at the Site Coordinators office or at the STC Department of Public Safety.

What if the citation is not paid?

If the citation is not paid a hold will be placed on a student or employee record.

Who may park in a handicapped space?

These spaces are reserved for individuals who have been issued a valid handicap placard/license plate or disabled veteran license plate issued by the state of Texas.

Who may appeal a citation?

Any person who has received a College citation may file an appeal request to have the citation reviewed.

How is a citation appealed?

Appeals of municipal citations can be made through the City Municipal Court.

Appeals of administrative citations are submitted through the following process.

The South Texas College Department of Public Safety provides an independent Traffic and Parking Fine Appeals Committee for traffic and parking citations that is composed of staff and/or faculty who are not employees of the Department. Appeals of a traffic and parking citation must be submitted electronically and no later than fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of the citation. Appeals turned in after 15 calendar days will be denied.

To file an appeal, login to JagNet at https://jagnet.southtexascollege.edu and select the Security tab, then the Appeals tab to submit the appeal electronically.

If you do not have access to JagNet, visit the STC Department of Public Safety located at Pecan Plaza 2509 W. Pecan Blvd., McAllen, Texas.

STC Traffic and Parking Awareness Examination: Upon a request to the Department of Public Safety, an individual receiving a first $30.00 citation may take an Awareness Examination in lieu of paying the fine. In addition, an individual with more than one citation may request to take the Awareness Examination to obtain a 50% reduction of the fines owed. Awareness Examinations must be passed with a score of 70% and may not be requested more than once a calendar year. A form requesting the STC Traffic and Parking Awareness Examination may be obtained at the Department of Public Safety located at the Pecan Plaza, 2509 W. Pecan Blvd.

For more information, please call 956-872-2589.

How Often do I validate my permit?

Upon the expiration date of the permit.

When do I remove my permit from my vehicle?

It is recommended that permits be removed when association with the college is terminated, when a replacement permit has been issued, or upon expiration or revocation of the permit.