STC EyeWitness & Guardian Programs

STC Rave EyeWitness provides anonymous information to the Department of Public Safety.

This permits students and employees to report suspicious individuals and activities or situations in need of an emergency response through text messages.  The Rave Eyewitness program converts the caller ID number to a random code that protects the identity of the person sending the text message, assuring that all texts are confidential.

STC Department of Public Safety may respond to user with follow up questions or information.

Users receive confirmation messages for all submitted tips.



STC Rave Guardian provides critical information to the Department of Public Safety.

Information you can provide

  • Personal Information
    • Your photograph
    • Physical descriptions
  • Emergency contact information
    • Mobile phone location
    • Address information
    • Vehicle information
  • Health and Rescue
    • Medical conditions
    • Disabilities
    • Allergies
    • Rescue needs

Deployment Options – Timer

Optional Precautionary Timer Mode

  • Activate a Guardian timer on any cell phone
  • When you reach your destination safely, deactivate it
  • If timer is not deactivated but instead expires, campus security is notified

Pre-­Recorded Message

  • Message is relayed to security if timer expires
  • Provides first hand messaging from the victim
  • Self reported location information